DermView is a new, state of the art, remote dermatology service provided at Community Surgery Navan by our  Advanced Nurse Practitioner in collaboration with a national network of  Consultant  Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons for the diagnosis of skin lesions (abnormalities.) 

Patients with new or changing moles or other skin marks who need to exclude the possibility of a skin cancer can use this service to have high quality photographic and dermoscopic pictures uploaded to a secure skin laboratory for review by some of the leading Irish skin specialists.

These dermatologists and plastic surgeons will provide a written report of their opinion within one month to you and your  GP and recommend appropriate treatment if any is needed.


Many times, only reassurance is required but sometimes a biopsy or removal of the lesion will be warranted. Often, these procedures can be offered at this clinic. Sometimes, they will require attendance at the nearest suitable skin specialist clinic. Use this service for a lesion or lesions (up to five per scan) of particular concern. See the GP first if you want a full skin screening check or if you are at high risk of skin cancer because of a family history or because of previous skin cancer.