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Professional Fees  

Surgery level 1a

Abscess, Skin tag at one site, Seborrhoeic  wart at one site, Wart treatment at one site, Haemorrhoid evacuation, Cryosurgery to benign lesion at one site, Biopsy of skin-single.

€ 100-170

Surgery level 1b

Multiple skin tags, Multiple  Seborrhoeic warts, Warts at more than one site, Cryosurgery for multiple benign lesions, Simple removal of Ingrown nail. Cyst excision-single, Biopsy of skin-multiple

€ 170-240

Surgery level 2

Ingrown toenail surgery with removal of growth plate, Cyst excision-multiple, Lipoma excision, Skin cancer  excision or cryosurgery-simple.

€ 240.00

Surgery level 3


Skin cancer excision-complex

€ 540.00

Skin consultation for full skin check and dermoscopy


€ 100.00

€ included

€ included

€ 25.00/visit

€ 60.00/visit

Other fees:

Removal of  sutures
Routine first dressing, if required

Extended dressings for abscess/wounds

Clinical reviews of skin cancers in follow-up


Fees for  surgical procedures can be discounted by insurer payments for patients holding private health insurance.

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