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How we  work

Step 1: Initial Consultation

If you have not already consulted Dr Maguire or Dr Collins, please book a telehealth consult. This is an initial video or phone consultation where we will usually be able to confirm the diagnosis and make a treatment plan. 

If you have seen your  own GP and have a referral letter you can bypass this step and go to step 2

We will explain the proposed  treatment at this stage and may ask you to download and read our  consent form and patient information materials.

Step 2: Treatment  Appointment

We will see you by appointment at the clinic for your procedure which will involve meeting the doctor, discussing the plan, signing a consent form before the procedure. After the procedure you can usually go home immediately, but we have the facility for you to rest if you need to wait or we want to observe your progress for a little while.

Step 3:  Suture removal & Dressing

For some cases there will be a need to have stitches removed and/or dressings  changed and checked.

Step 4:  Results

For many patients there will be a laboratory result to report. This might be a pathology (histology) report of a biopsy or the result of a  swab test for infection or culture test for nail infection. Histology will be available about one month after your  procedure. We will make an arrangement with you to make sure you get your  result.

Step 5:  Follow-up Care

For cases of skin cancer we will offer to provide skin checks at  six monthly or other intervals for a number of years. Alternatively his can be provided  by your own GP,if you prefer.

Download our Consent to Treatment Document


Read our Patient Information Guide


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